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Jotaro's Star Platinum OVA is a stand that takes the appearance of a fully yellow and black neon Star Platinum.

How To Obtain

Use Jotaro OVA hat on Jotaro Star Platinum to get Jotaro Star Platinum OVA


Keybind Move Description Damage Gif
LMB (Left Mouse Button Starstruck Punch JSPOVA extends forward and sends a punch forward 10
E Celestial Barrage JSPOVA barrages for a long ammount of time and at a godly pace while also yelling the famous "ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!" line 299.4-312.1 per punch

around 200 punches

so about

62420 in total

R Meteor Punch JSPOVA hits a strong wind-up punch and yells "ORA!" 370.9
T Star Finger Prime (move is currently a bit glitchy/broken and is the worst move for this stand) 25
Y Iggy Throw (currently Broken) JSPOVA pulls out Iggy and throws Iggy forward ???
F Time Stop ( "Sutā Purachina:Za Wārudo!" ("Star Platinum: The World!")

(Currently broken)

JSPOVA stops time for ??? seconds N/A
G Pose The user poses menacingly 9999 ear damage
Z Star Leap The user and JPSOVA jump higher into the air N/A
X Block JSPOVA uses a normal stand block, negating 90% of all the damage taken. N/A
C Roll The user and JSPOVA roll forward a short distance. N/A


  • Godly damage output
  • JSPOVA, star leap jumps slightly higher than most stand jumps
  • Large move set
  • Good rarity
  • Good demand
  • Great pose music and the pose music is not here


  • Megumin and Jevil can bypass Block
  • Close ranged meaning it’s weak to long ranged fights.
  • Not much combo potential



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