How to Obtain

Jotaro's Star Platinum: Over Heaven is a Stand in A Bizarre Journey, which is obtainable by using a Snowflake on Star Platinum Over Heaven. It's rarity tier is A.


E - Ascended ORA Barrage

JSPOH lays out an extremely deadly barrage. This deals a godly 71-79 damage every hit.

R - Heavy ORA! Punch

JSPOH punches their enemy, dealing an insane 125 damage.

T - Heavenly Reality Overwrite

JSPOH winds up and does an extremely powerful overwrite that does 120 damage.

F - Ascended Time Stop (Currently Broken)

JSPOH stops time for a few seconds. This move is currently broken.

Y - Heal Barrage

JSPOH sends out a flurry of fast punches, but instead of attacking the player, he heals them. This heals 10-23 every hit.

B+Y - Self Heal Barrage

JSPOH sends out a lot of fast healing punches at their user. This heals 34 per punch.

H - Ground Slam

JSPOH winds up again, similar to the T move, but instead JSPOH will slam the ground causing a massive beam of light to appear and damage any players nearby. Deals 50 damage.


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