Jotaros star platinum over heaven

Jotaros star platinum over heaven .png

How to get

Star Platinum:Over Heaven + Snowflake = Jotaro's Star Platinum Over Heaven.



E -JOTARO'S HEAVENLY BARRAGE - deals 71 damage per hit critical damage is 79 last long for 13 second cooldown 5 second.

R -JOTARO'S HEAVEN PUNCH - deals 125 damage cooldown is 3 seconds

T - JOTARO'S HEAVENLY OVERWRITE PUNCH - deals 120 damage 5 seconds is the cooldown

Y - HEAL BARRAGE - heals 10 - 23 per punch and heals and has the same cooldown as the barrage

B + Y - SELF HEAL BARRAGE - heals yourself and does 34 damage per hit

Z - STAND JUMP - does an very high far- stand jump

X - STAND BLOCK - Jotaro's Star platinum: over heaven blocks and reduces 70% of the damage taken

C - ROLL - You roll and 3 second cooldown

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