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King Crimson is the stand Diavolo, the antagonist of Part 5s Golden Wind, which can erase time (not in the game currently) and has precognitive abilities (epitaph namely). It appears as a muscular stand, being namely Red, White, and Gray.


LMB - Weak punch - 10 damage

E - Punch - 99.8 damage

R - Chop - 103.6 damage

T - Using Epitaph, your stand allows you to dodge all attacks that are Heaven/Requiem for a few seconds (9).

Y - Kick - 134.7 damage

H - Hand Thrust - 158.9 damage

V - Time skip a very shot distance infront of you.

C - Average Roll forward.

X - Block, like the usual.

Z - Average Stand Jump

Full Craft and Evolutions

Arrow + Standless = Doppio King Crimson

Frog + Doppio King Crimson = King Crimson

Red Frog + King Crimson = King Crimson Requiem