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King Crimson After reaching requiem wears a purple cape with all his red colors replaced by purple

LMB 10 Damage ? LMB/Click
Power-Punch Does 234.6


? E
Arm-Chop Average animation of arm going downwards.


? R
Epitaph you know the deal, user dodges attacks that aren't OverHeaven/GERs. Your eyes become red when using. ? T
Power-kick King Navy decides to use its legs for once and kick.

265.9 damage

? Y
Hand-Thrust You thrust your hard-forward, dealing pretty alright damage. 302.8 damage ? H
Time-skip "Teleport" forward a few studs infront of you, low cooldown. ? V
Boost Stand jump, same as all the rest. ? Z

Full Craft

Doppio King Crimson + Frog = King Crimson

King Crimson + Red Frog = King Crimson Requiem