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Last breath bruh.png

Obtain by using Last Shard on Sans.

This stand has a one shot move, and is incredibly rare. The only way to bypass his dodge is to have Hyper Sonic and certain other stands.


E - [Barrage] 60.5 to 70.5 damage per hit

R - [Force] 21.4 damage to surrounding players

T - [Bone shoot] 58 damage per hit (3 seconds cooldown)

LMB (click) - Gaster blaster 20 damage per hit

F - Large version of click (Lasts for 3 seconds) (deals 120 per 0.1 seconds when hit) (Instant kills almost every stand.) (Useable once per life)

Z + Hold - Gaster Blaster Ride (8 seconds cooldown and hovers, flings when hits obstruction)

C - Instant teleport almost spammable (2 seconds cooldown)

G - Pose

(Passive invincible to all bosses without using stamina)