How to obtain:

Shiny Sword (You can trade for shiny sword but don't store it in stand storage bc if you do it will delete itself) + Luigi Diary = Luigi

BTW Credits to : FunnyModded/ FunnyAdventure (i made the page but this get edited, too is cool)

E - Barrage

RobloxScreenShot20210329 171303902.png

While holding E Luigi does a barrage doing 14 damage.

R - Stun Punch

Luigi punch the opponent doing 35 damage.

U - Heal

Luigi punches who ever is in front healing them for 100 hp.

B + U - Self Heal

Luigi punches the user healing themselves for 1.000.000 hp.

V - Return to Luigi

Any damage that is inflicted on you will be reflected to the attacker. This doesn't apply to Over Heaven stands.

C - Teleport

Luigi teleports you on a short distance without any cooldown.

Its on trello dude look here:

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