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" I'm a-Luigi , number one! " - Luigi (ルイージ Ruīji)


Luigi is an unobtainable stand in ABJ ( A Bizarre Journey ). It was originated from the game called Super Mario Bros.

Bros represents Mario and Luigi, thus Luigi is also seen in most Mario games in Nintendo ( Game Company / Industry ).

How to get it

In order to get this stand, you will need to use Luigi Diary on Shiny Sword to get Luigi

Movesets of Luigi

Even though Luigi is an unobtainable (ob for now) stand, it was known as an B Tier stand due to its movesets and damage of these movesets , thus this stand often played BGM ( Background Music )

E - Luigi Barrage / Barrage ( Hold E )

Luigi will punch the enemy multiple times at high speed, dealing the enemy 14 damage per hit

R - Luigi Punch / Stun Punch

Luigi will punch the enemy with an heavy blow, causing the enemy to knockback an enemy by a short amount of studs, thus dealing the enemy 35 damage

U - Luigi Heal Punch / Heal

Luigi will punch the enemy, but instead of damaging the enemy, it heals them with an amount of 100 health

B + U - Luigi Self-Restoration Punch / Self - Heal

Luigi will punch its user instead of the enemy, just like the U Move ( Luigi Heal Punch ) , it heals its user but it gives the user colossal amount of health when hit, meaning it can regain to a full bar of health in one heal punch for this skill, just like Galaxy The World

V - Return to Luigi ( Not too sure if Luigi have this move )

When using this skill, any damage that is inflicted by some stands on you can be reflected just like Tree Creation for Golden Experience and Skid Experience, however this may not affected by stands that are Over Heaven ( For Example : Star Platinum : Over Heaven / The World : Over Heaven )

F - Luigi's Time Stop / Time Stop ( Currently broken )

Both Luigi and the user will do a timestop animation while freezing the entire server, meaning that it can freeze other players in the server for a few seconds. Unless they have a stand that have a Timestop Movement Passive.

C - Luigi's Spam Teleport / Teleport

Both Luigi and the user will teleport on a short distance, thus this skill is spammable due to not having any cool downs


This information about Luigi Stand ( Unobtainable ) is found in this trello, here is the link that leads to the information about this stand : https://trello.com/c/U8YU90Io/54-luigi