To obtain use Luigi's diary on shiny sword .

You can use cosmic diary on it to get cosmic Luigi. :) (don't recommend because luigi is rarer)

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Shiny Sword could be bought by 100k on the shop.

Currently unobtainable


E - Barrage

While holding E Luigi does a barrage doing 14 damage.

R - Stun Punch

Luigi punch the opponent doing 35 damage.

U - Heal

Luigi punches who ever is in front healing them for 100 hp.

B + U - Self Heal

Luigi punches the user healing themselves for 1.000.000 hp.

V - Return to Luigi

Any damage that is inflicted on you will be reflected to the attacker. This doesn't apply to Over Heaven stands.

C - Teleport

Luigi teleports you on a short distance without any cooldown.

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