obtained by using Miku Diary on Star Platinum Over Heaven.

Passive A: fast song

You can move in timestop.

Health: 300

miku stand pose

E: barrage, does 17-18 damage per hit. (3 Sec Cooldown)

R: Miku Punch, does 35.6 damage. (3 Sec Cooldown)

Y: Self Heal Barrage, 15 HP healed per hit. (3.5 Sec Cooldown)

C: Dodge (No Cooldown)

X: Block 100% Damage. (Jevil / Megumin Can Bypass Your Block)

Z: Stand Jump (No Cooldown)

G: Miku Stand Pose (Music: None)

Trivia: Miku is a reskin of other stands such as Jhon Doe, DPP, NDPP, Sonic Stand or Old Coffin Dancer. (I think) Miku is based on the main character of My Life As A Teenage Robot, Jennifer Wakeman.

please add links to the mentioned stands in the trivia (Jhon Doe, DPP NDPP etc.) and if allowed please add a link to the MLAATR wiki. if either is accomplished please delete the mentioned request. -hobgoblin child

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