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Miku / Miku Platinum is based on an Japanese Vocaloid , Hatsune Miku who was featured and seen in countless song by different artists. This stand has 500 health as this stand has A or S Tier Durability ( Maybe )

Obtaining Miku

Here is what Miku / Miku Platinum looked like

Star Platinum: Over Heaven + Miku Diary = Miku Platinum

Movesets of Miku Platinum

Passive Ability
Passive Name Effect
Fast Song
Keybind Move Description Damage Cool Down Gif
LMB Light Punch
E Barrage Miku Platinum will punch the enemy multiple times at high speed 17-18 per punch 1
R Heavy Punch Miku Platinum will lean forwards and send a punch forwards that knocks backs players, NPC's and Dummy's 35.6 1

Y - Self Restoration Barrage

Miku Platinum will punch its user multiple times at high speed, but instead of dealing damage to its user, it heals its user with an amount of 15 health per hit

  • This skill has an 1 second cooldown just like Miku Barrage and Miku Heavy Punch ( Nearly Spammable )

C - Roll (Spammable

you roll without cooldown

X - Miku Block / Block

Miku Platinum will do an blocking pose in front of its user, nullifying all damage done by the enemy no matter what skill they use, but Jevil and Megumin Spec has an ability to bypass this block

Z - Stand Jump

Both Miku Platinum and the user will launch up into the sky with an short height and short distance, but this skill is spammable just like the Roll Skill for Miku Platinum


Combo Difficulty Notes


  • all moves are spammable
  • Great block
  • EZ to get
  • Great for starters
  • Cool pose music


trash damage

Bad value

Stand Analysis

Trivia / Fun Fact

Miku / Miku Platinum is an reskin of other unobtainable stands in ABJ ( A Bizarre Journey ) like John Doe Stand ( Unobtainable / Admin Stand ) , Old Coffin Dancer ( Unobtainable ) , Sonic Stand ( Unobtainable ) , Verified DPP ( Unobtainable ) or NDPP ( Unobtainable ) etc

Pose music here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ