A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

How to obtain

Use an Dragon ball on Weird hat man to get MUI


E - Does an barrage - 100-200 damage (7 second cooldown)

R: - Strong punch - 160 damage (7 second cooldown)

T - Scream - 50 damage (makes an blue expolision and trips nearby players)

H - Kamehameha - Blasts out an energy beam (Random damage) (Same as sans gaster blaster)

J - Spirit bomb (Currently Broken) - Makes an large bomb and throws it - Random damage

C - Dash - Teleports an few studs away and makes an goku teleporting sound effect (2 second cooldown)


This stand had been reworked once and was an stolen spec from another roblox jojo game called

"an infinite adventure"

Screenshot 2021-01-12 104715.png