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Made On Christmas is an obtainable stand and is a reskin of Made In Heaven, it looks like a horse like looking creature with a weird neckpiece, red all over except the head and some particular parts.

  • This stand has a low demand and it is A tier obtainable

How To Obtain

You could've gotten this stand either by trade or an event on Christmas Eve that required you to use Christmas Light


Keybind Move Description Damage Gif
LMB (Left Mouse Click) Light Punch does a simple tap on the opponent 10
E Quick Slash throws a flurry of slashes 90
R Heavy Punch Does a hard strike on victim 99
T Knife Throw throws 3 or 4 knives ??? per knife
F Throat Slit Dash at quick speeds infront of you and slash at anyone dealing high damage 101
Y Donut Teleport to someone instantaneously and hit them dealing damage 60
H Time Acceleration Acceleration up time and makes you go fast (even faster with flight) also slowing down everyone else and making the server bright with a christmas music
V Teleport You teleport a few studs forward
Z Glide Made On Christmas and its user fly for around to up to 5 seconds (The move is extra fast with time speed up on) Fly
B Countdown A counter attack. It counts up. When the opponent hits the MOC when using this move, MOC will teleport to the opponent instantaneously and do swift strikes, dealing damage for each strike ??? per earch strike
G Pose The user poses and plays Sprite Winter Cranberry Is Back
Made On Christmas Pose.png


Combo Difficulty Notes


  • Very fast with a counter move
  • Has high value


  • Low damage moves with long cooldown


  • This is one of the few stands that doesn't have a barrage as an E move