Meme stands are weird they come in different shapes and sizes and I will explain all of them.DISCLAIMER THESE ARE ALL THE UNOBTAINABLE MEME STANDS

  1. Its the thirstiest time of the year. Sprite cranberry a very weird stand. It is related to the LeBron James cranberry sprite commercial. The description of the stand is the Dank Glasses and the sprite can for a head. The stand is also holding sprite cranberry berry. I think it is a B tier unobtainable correct me if im wrong.

2.shaggy has the mighty super instinct he might seem scared but in truth he is a savage he has 0 damage block and decent damage. His description is he looks like shaggy with a blue aura around him.

this is a C unobtainable correct me if im wrong.

3.Old luigi a plumber that unclogs toilets he is also part of a video game... this stand plays epic music and his description is a plumber wearing green clothes. Old luigi is a A tier correct me if I'm wrong.

4.Sonic stand is the fastest around. He also has 0damage block and has a zero second cooldown on jumping and rolling. He looks like a hedge hog but blue he also has no eyes, no mouth, and no nose. Sad times... disclaimer:STAND DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAST EXERCISE DANGIT.... Anyways this is B tier unobtainable correct me if im wrong.

5. The man behind the slaughter he is every old (old purple guy). He is from FNAF and he trapped kids inside suits I don't really know the lure.. Anyways he is purple and kind of looks like a security guard.... He is a A tier unobtainable correct me if I'm wrong.

6. Rainbow dancer it is from FNF a popular dancing game where you smash ur keyboard. This is a spec and you hold a mic. It plays FNF music when you pose (g) and is a B tier unobtainable correct me if I'm wrong.

7. I think red is imposter. This stand is from among us and you turn into an imposter such as shooting people venting and stabbing people it can one shot most stands. This scary stand is powerful it is a C tier Unobtainble correct me if im wrong.

Please let me know if i missed any i am also collecting meme stands such as Shaggy and Old Purple Guy and Rainbow Dancer and Imposter

User: yupitsgreat

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