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"I'll be honest, if you have a gap on your teeth, then I can fit the smallest country on that teeth gap you have there." - Meme Boss (Mīmubosu, ミームボス)

This is how Meme Boss looked like


Meme Boss was a limited-time boss which is added in 5/9/2021. In order to fight the Meme Boss, you will need to click on the Meme Odd NPC ( Non- Player Character ). Shortly after the Meme Boss is added, Rainbow Realm was removed and was replaced with the new realm. The thing is that Rainbow Gems can still be found in the Meme Realm and was not removed yet


Drops are items that you will be getting after killing a certain boss ( Meme Boss, Jotaro Boss, Dio Boss etc ), these are the items that you will get

  • Meme Crate

Good stands for fighting bosses

Bosses in ABJ were around 600K-700K health so it is hard to destroy them. However, some stands often have a high DPS ( Damage per Second ) such as Glitch, Fire The World, Thanos, and even Star Platinum Over Heaven

The most recommended stand you can use to attack all types of bosses in ABJ is Star Platinum Over Heaven ( SPOH ), despite its rarity, its V Move has a very high damage attack in the entire ABJ, doing a quarter of your opponent's health as damage, you can do it so by resetting once you use V move on bosses, do it 4 times and the boss should get killed.

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