this is the Mighty thanos

Mighty Admin Thanos is an B+ tier stand. it is currently obtainable.

How To Obtain

Using a Infinity Stone on The World.

The tier for this is a B+


Keybind Move Description Damage Gif
E Barrage 298 per punch

389.9 per kick

(Has a random chance to do 859.9)

R Heavy Punch Mighty Admin Thanos extends forwards and sends a high damage punch forward 300.9
Y TBA Mighty Admin Thanos throws a punch that heals other players around 264 HP
U + Y TBA Mighty Admin Thanos throws a punch towards the user healing them around 264 HP
C Teleport Roll The user and Mighty Admin Thanos rolls a short distance forwards
X Block The user puts their arm in an X shape and reduces the amount of damage that is taken
G Pose The player poses and plays the Thanos Beatbox track
N Quotes


  • Great way to escape.
  • A good stand for trolling.
  • A good stand to spam heal.
  • Plays cool music.
  • Very rare


  • Bad health.
  • Normal stand jump with cooldown.


  • This is a stand thats people try to convince them at it is the "ADMIN" thanos
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