A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

PS: This is not in the game (yet), it is just a suggestion

"Dattebayo" - Naruto Uzumaki

said by naruto lol

How to Obtain

Obtainable by using Scroll on Standless


A Leaf Village Headband is worn by the player


E - Punch, deals 20 damage 1 second cooldown

R - Shadow Clone, spawns a clone of the player and will attack the nearest player.The clone will hit a max of 4times dealing 6 damage each hit, 10 second cooldown

T - Exploding Kunai, throws a kunai that explodes on contact. Deals 15 damage and has a 4 second cooldown

F - Resengan, the resangan will form in the players hand and will disappear after 5 seconds if not used, does 50 damage on contact. 12 second cooldown

Z - Teleport, Teleports the player 20 studs In front of them, 0.3 second cooldown

G - Pose, the player will put the hands behind there head and the Leaf Village theme will play