A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

How to obtain

Use a Rainbow Pot on The World : Over Heaven to obtain Celebration Pot.

Rainbow pot spawns every hour and 40 minutes with a 1/2%; chance


Moves Damage
E - Celebration Barrage 255

266 (crit)

R - Celebration Punch 345.9
Y - Self Celebration Regeneration Heals 16 per Punch
G - Intimidation N/A (You don't go into pose, but menacing symbol will go around)
C - Roll N/A (Spammable)
LMB - Weak punch 30
X - Block N/A (Divine block)

Tips and Trickery

  • Press Z and C repeatedly for speed
  • Get behind your enemy by spamming C then, start a combo like this, R + C + E
  • Basically a rainbow recolor of pot platinum.
  • Can be confused with rainbow pan instead if rainbow pot