Newest Celebration Pot

New Celebration Pot is now unobtainable. (people who says this is obtainable, ITS NOT.) Please note that there is a huge difference between Old Celeb Pot and New Celeb Pot. The difference being that Old Celeb is owned by 3 people, making it S tier while New Celeb Pot is estimated to be a C - B tier unobtainable.

How to get: Use a Rainbow Pot on The World Over Heaven to obtain Celebration Pot.

Rainbow pot spawned in event for 3 days; Chance:1 hour and 40 minutes 1/2%;



E: Barrage: Celeb pot barrages doing 255-256 damage. (I think it might do 665 to jevil I only tested it once tho)

R: Strong punch: Celeb pot strong punches, knocks stuff back and does 345.9 damage.

Y: Self Heal: Celeb pot punches you and does heals 16 health every punch.

G: Pose (not really): You don't go into a pose and music doesn't play, but bizarre symbols fly around you.

Z: Jump: Every time you hit Z you jump a bit. If you keep hitting Z you keep going upwards.

X: Block: Hold X for celeb pot to block, This blocks all damage except for saitama (i think)

C: Roll: Hit C to roll once, but if you keep hitting C you will move fast.


TIP: If you hit Z and C like Z C Z C Z C Z C Z C you will roll and jump. Do this for MAX SPEED.

The people think that this is going to be a[n] A+ or A tier no it will be C tier or b due to alot of players having it.



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