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note that this is different than Cosmic Luigi

New Cosmic Luigi is received from using Cosmic Hat on The World. It is a free and limited stand and is currently unobtainable.

Move set:

E - Barrage: New Cosmic Luigi unleashes a barrage that does between 88.9 to 91.7 damage per hit and lasts for about 4 seconds. Cooldown is about 2 seconds. He can also unleash a kick barrage, doing 101.1 damage per hit.

R - Strong Punch: New Cosmic Luigi unleashes a strong punch that deals 187.9 damage. Cooldown is about 6 seconds.

Y- Time stop punch: New cosmic Luigi will teleport to the player that the user has their mouse on, which will then punch the enemy doing 45 dmg and will stop time for them specifically *The time stop last's about 4 seconds* the enemy can't do anything while getting hit by this move.

J - Beatdown: New Cosmic Luigi unleashes a strong punch, Then unleashes a very long barrage of 22.8 damage, and it lasts for about 12-14 seconds. The cooldown is a whopping 120 seconds. This can kill ANYONE (Also it's the second stand in-game with a beatdown)

A screenshot of New Cosmic Luigi.

F - Inhale: New Cosmic Luigi inhales the opponent closer, and deals a little bit of damage. This lasts for 5 seconds and the cooldown is 5 seconds as well.

G - Pose: New Cosmic Luigi and the player do a very epic pose. Music is unknown

There is a self heal as well but its broken.

Trivia: This stand is based on Cosmic Luigi from ABDM (A Bizarre Day Modded)