A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

How do I get this?

It is obtained by using New Play Button (Unobtainable) on Star Platinum. Star platinum is obtained by using Jotaro hat on Star platinum stone ocean ( Yellow Scarf )


Moveset: E – Like, Subscribe. YouTube Platinum send out a barrage at godly speed, destroying everything in it's path and making a pan sound.

R - Smash the Notification bell. YouTube Platinum holds all of it's power, one single blow, dealing 202.2 damage when hit.

Y – Fan's donation. YouTube Platinum heals its owner 2 times.

V – YouTube Teleportation. YouTube Platinum teleport the user with short start-up but no cooldown.

Passives: Passive 1 : 90% percent of my viewers subscribed! Your roll have short cooldown, making it spammable. (C move)

Passive 2: Sub bot. You perform basic stand jump, but get another boost, making you jump higher than any other existences.