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The Noob Stand stand that is a Noob wearing a neon yellow hat, with a neon yellow cape at his back.

NOTE: This has no smile anymore due to changes!!!

How to Obtain

SPOH + Noob Hat = Noob Stand (obtainable)

Full Craft:

SPSO + Jotaro Hat = SP

SP + DIO diary = SPOH

SPOH + Noob Hat = Noob Stand

I Rileytries3 have a dream

The noob has no SMILE


A normal noob WITHOUT a smile, wearing a neon yellow hat, with a neon yellow cape at his back. Because ODD Removed the SMILE. Picture is outdated.


Keybind Move Description Damage Gif
Click-LMB.png Light Punch Noob Stand punches in front of the user. 12.5
EKeyIcon.png OOF Barrage Noob Stand moves forward and unleashes a barrage of punches. 245.9
RKey.png Strong Noob Punch Noob Stand extends in front of the user and sends a punch forward, causing knockback. 278.9
TKeyIcon.png Noob Overwrite Noob stand charges back its fist before releasing a charged punch. 324.5
YKey.png Ally Heal Noob Stand extends forward and sends out punches that heal others. 34 - 42 HP per punch
Self Heal Noob Stand unleashes a barrage of punches towards its user which heals their HP. 1HP per punch
HKey.png Ground Slam Noob stand punches the ground, causing AOE knockback to whoever is hit. 50
VKeyIcon.png Shoot Wind (Currently Broken) Noob stand shoots a giant energy ball out of its hand, hitting people in front of it in a large radius. NA/
CkeyIcon.png Roll The user rolls forward. N/A
ZKeyIcon.png Stand Jump The user and Noob Stand jump high into the air. N/A
GKeyIcon.png Pose The user and Noob Stand do a pose that plays the Crab Rave roblox oof remix. N/A


Combo Difficulty Notes


  • High damage output
  • Has good pose song :)
  • Can heal others & user


  • Not high durability
  • Not good block
  • Healing is slow
  • Stand has low mobility


  • The stands design is based off the Noob Skin