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The Odd Stand is an stand wearing the The Dark Reaper Hood and has an Red aura surrounding it's head also its trash ngl.

This stand has the colors of Black, Grey, Dark Grey, Red, And Yellow (bro who asked)

How To Obtaining

This stand can be obtained by using Odd Diary on Mario Stand but dont do it cuz its a waste of time.


This stand is a piece of rubbish.

I (And others) don't recommend getting it but you can get it for you want.

Also, I recommend you to roka it instead of storing it.

Keybind Move Description Damage Gif
E Barrage Barrages while shouting, "ODDISGOD" - this is just a joke lol. 16
R Strong Punch Punches while saying, "BIBTHARICC" - this is also a joke B) 35
Z Stand Jump The users jumps high into the air (not spammable)
N Quote The user says: Filth., If i was playing a game of chess with trash like you i would've had you in checkmate years ago,ABSOLUTE WEAKLING.,WWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY


Combo Difficulty Gif Notes


  • Very easy to get
  • Can bypass Return To Zero


  • Not much movesets and all of the moves do low damage
  • Extremely low value
  • its odd stand lol

Trivia :

This stand is based off the admin Odd.

  • this stand sucks, and its not worth even standless