Check on player test!

This stand is Unobtainable (300 or 200 players have this) , its appear like ¨Purple Guy Stand¨ and if you check that in player going be same this: This stand is an A+ tier unobtainable.


E: Purple guy barrages the enemy with his knives, dealing 23 (FOR KICK) and 35 damage per punch (FOR PUNCH BARRAGE)

R:A standard heavy punch with a purple effect. Deals 36 damage.

T: A simple knife throw. (Broken and breaks your stand)

F: A broken timestop. (Used to TimeStop for 5 seconds.)

C: Teleport - Teleports a few studs away (spammable)

Z: A normal stand jump. (not spammable)

U: Heals allies for 100HP Heal allies for 100 HP

B+U: Heal yourself by an insane amount. (100000).

Unobtainable stand.

It's pretty weak, I suggest trading it off for another stand because it has good trading value but you'll pretty much never win a fight with it.

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