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This stand its appear like ¨Purple eee! Guy Stand¨ and has "Shy face."

(edit: this stand is now unobtainable)

How To Obtain:

obtainable by using Purple Guy Hat on Star Platinum (Evolved)

Purple Guy Hat spawns every 2 hour with 1/4% chance

edit: Now you can get it by killing the clown zombies in the clown zombie invasion event.

the spawn message for the purple hat


E - Purple Barrage

Purple Guy does a barrage dealing 11.5 each hit (spammable)

R - Purple Punch

Purple Guy punches the opponent dealing 30 damage each time (10 seconds cooldown or less)

T - Do Not Use (Breaks your stand)

U - Heal

Heals someone for 100 health (same for seal heal, cooldown is 12 seconds or less)

B + U - Self Heal

Heals yourself for [[1]] health (12 seconds cooldown or less)

F - Timestop

Old Purple Guy timestops (sort of spammable and very short time)

C - Teleport

You teleport forwards (Spammable)