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Currently obtainable get through meteorite

Spawn: 1/75 per 1 hour 30 minutes (hard to obtain)


Look like an ordinary pot platinum, but without legs and rainbow shoulders + rainbow torso

How To Get:

Some dude with Verified Old Celeb Pot.png

Use Celebration Diary on Old Kc (deleted) to get Old Celebration Pot

Moveset (not confirmed)

Skill Image Usage How to counter Note
E: Barrage Add here OCP throw out a flurry of punch dealing 16 damage Run away, godly block This is spammable and very fast
R: Strong punch Add here OCP throw out a strong punch Run away, godly block This is spammable
H: Return to Zero Add here OCP and the user pose similar to Gold Experince Requiem' T move, while in this state, all incoming damage got reflected to the dealer NOTE: This is broken and reflects no damage Don't attack Over Heaven type stand can bypass this
Y: Self Heal Add here OCP heal the user 22 HP N/A This is spammable and super fast
C: Human rolls Add here The user roll N/A This is spammable
Z: Stand leap Add here The user with OCP leap to the air N/A Even tho this is short stand leap yet spammable


  • This is one of the rarest unobtainable.
  • This stand is not likely to get duped, or it will result in a ban.
  • Lately, Odd have give OCP to 10 more user.
  • It is very rare to see OCP user in the game since there are less people in the game that own OCP.
  • This is the strongest stand in the game, with the ability to do 100K-1M damage on one spammable move
  • The image was supplied by this discord server, please praise it: https://discord.gg/SstzK3tUtV