This is the official discord server PVP tier list.


One Shotters: Jevil (R move), Megumin Spec, All Sans Variants (With Blaster), Tusk ack 4(BeatDown+Barrage), Old SCR (RTZ), Reaper (F move),Genos (F move),Hyper Sonic (F move)

X Tier: Yellow Queen, Shadow Jotaro Star Platinum, Jevil (Al Move), Genks, Tusk4

SSS Tier: GSTW, Jotaro Star Plat Ova, Rocket Spec, KCR

SS Tier: Reaper, Gltich Stand, Jotaro Star Platinum, Shadow The World, Galaxy The World, Old Purple Guys, WORLD FIRE , Luigi

S Tier: Rainbow Gaster, Rainbow Star Platinum Requiem, OCD, Lightning Plat, John Doe, Old Cosmic Mario, Galactic XChara, StoryShift Chara, Rainbow Dio The World, Retro The Universe, Sprite Cranberry, Unknown Nightmare, Dio Darkest Requiem, Sonic Stand, Dark Pot Platinum

A+ Tier: SPR, Frist Spec, Xchara

A Tier: Pumpkin The World, Flushed Platinum

B+ Tier: KC, Smug Dancer, Purple Guy Spec, 02, YT plat, Galaxy Platinum

B Tier: Xsans, Sonic, Sonic EXE, Chara Spec ,The World OH, TWOHOVA, JSPOH, Demonic Star Platinum, Void Tusk

C Tier: Kars Ulf, The World Requiem, Odd Stand , Mario The World, Cosmic Mario: The World. Star Platinum OH, SPOVAOH,Party Spec, Crab Rave, Ultra Pot Platinum, NPP, Cosmic Luigi, Extreme Pot, Star Platinum Over The Sun, Star Platinum Over The Earth

D Tier: The Hand, Mohe, GER, SCR, SSCR, Kars

F Tier: Soft And Wet, TW, SP, TWAU, Oni, SF, SPSO, GE, SC, SPOVA, TWOVA

Pure Garbage: Cosmic Herobrine, Standless, Anubis, Cmoon, Doppio 1 arm, Hamon, Herobrine, Tusk 1-3, Shadow Pot Platinum

Deleted: Old Patrick, Red Samurai, Old KC, Shiny Sword, Steve Platinum

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