how it looks like


It takes a model of the ROBLOX Party Hat item with some effect colors. (cyan, red, blue, green, yellow) Whenever you walk the party effects follows you as well.


Click: a attack that has no animation and does 10 damage

E - Party Barrage: Barrage that does 50 damage per hit (10 damage multi hit)

R - Cake Punch: Strong punch that does 180 damage (possibly can crit players)

T - Party Aura: You scream and a sphere goes around you dealing 25 damage and ragdolling anyone.

Z - Party Hat Power: Fly for a small time.

C - Partying Roll A small roll that can't cover a lot of distance.

G - Pose: (JPN bloom plays)


Currently a low C tier unobtainable according to the new unobtainable tier list.

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