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King Crimson Requiem also Is NOT PINK Crimson is KING CRIMSON REQ is a stand obtained by using a Red Frog on evolved King Crimson. (Use Frog on King Crimson (Doppio) ).


LMB- Pink Crimson does a quick punch dealing 10 damage 2 times.

E- Pink Crimson throws a punch dealing 234.6 damage 2 times.

R- Pink Crimson does a forceful punch reducing the opponent's health by 245.9 damage.

G- Pink Crimson and you pose.

V- You teleport a short distance forward.

H- You face backward and Pink Crimson throws a heavy punch after you face backwards dealing about 390 damage 2 times.

Y- Similar to the H move above but slightly faster and throws the enemy in the air.

T- Makes a red effect on the ground, does nothing else I think.

N- Quotes, Plays character voicelines.

X- Blocks and reduces damage. Just your average block, except that you're moonwalking.

Pose music (Slightly Different, someone else could fill this out):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SowS2PcUXzY

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