Spawn every 1 hour and 29 minutes with 1/4 chance.

Use pot on star platinum for Pot Leader.

Item wasn't affected by 10x event

looks like the Roblox pot hat

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Pt ez.png

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Warning:this stand not unob and dont will be unob,click to the photo below.

LMB: Normal punch does 12.5 dmg.

E + Hold: Barrage does 256.9 - 300.7 dmg per hit. lasts five seconds!

T: VERY heavy punch does 87.5 dmg.low dmg but nice

R: Heavy punch does 345.9 dmg.

G: Pose (no music).

H: Slam, (no animation), does 50 dmg for all people on the range.WOW RANGE

Y + Hold: Heal others, heals 45-49 on hit.

Y + B + Hold: Self heal, heals 56 on hit.

C: Dodge (not spammable)

Z: Stand jump (not spammable)

X:block (no CD).

It Is Slightly Darker Purple Than The Model Of The NPC In The Main Area In ABJ Because It Is A Platinum.

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