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The page Purple guy stand was very un-polished, so I decided to remake it.

Stand name : Purple Guy (Not to be confused with Purple Guy Spec)

How to obtain, Purple Guy Diary (unob) on Business Man (aka Oni)

Stand ability and moves

Passive 1 : Stamina Blast, You can infinitely spam "C" which increases your mobility.

E - Purple Barrage, Deals 27 damage per hit, attacks 30 times (I tried counting)

R - Purple Guy has already touched you, plants a bomb onto the user it touches, and deals 60 damage when exploded (R to explode)

T - Sheer Heart Attack! Deals 30 damage when it gets close enough. Has 100hp and reduces all damage by 10x (Press T to unsummon it)

Y - Coin Strike, Purple Guy throws a coin which upon contact with a user does the same function as the R move.

Purple Guy's taunt (G)

F - Bites The Dust! Purple Guy's final move, plants a bomb which would revert all actions to when the bomb was planted on the user, and deals 40 damage to everybody around the user which has the bomb planted on them (The user who has the bomb planted on them will not take damage) (F to activate)

Z - Stand Jump! Purple Guy jumps high into the air before landing. (Used for mobility)

C - Dodge. Purple Guy does a cartwheel forward and dodges any incoming attack. (Used for mobility)

G - Taunt, Purple Guy makes you float and you turn back.