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"If this were a game of chess between us, this would easily class as checkmate!!" - DIO (DIO, ディオ)

Basic Information

Rainbow DTW is the evolution of Dio's The World. It is an S+ tier stand on the official Trading Tier List.

How to Obtain


Keybind Move Description Damage Gif
LMB (Left Mouse Button) Light- Punch Rainbow DTW goes in front of the user and hits the enemy a single time while yelling "Muda!". Around 15.5
E "MUDA!" Barrage Rainbow DTW goes in front of the user and yells "Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda!" while beating up the enemy in front of him 121.4 - 134.9 (Punches)

149 - (Kicks)

R "MUDA!" Strike Rainbow DTW throws out a powerful punch and yells "Muda Muda Muda!" 167.5
T Heavy Kick Rainbow DTW throws out a powerful kick while yelling "Mudada!" 170.9
Y Heal Overwrite Rainbow DTW Throws out a punch and yells "Muda Muda Muda!" 50HP per punch
B + Y Self-Heal Overwrite Rainbow DTW Punches the user while yelling "Muda Muda Muda!" 50HP
H SHINEI! Rainbow DTW will snap his fingers while yelling "Mudada!" causing the ground explode 50 (AoE Move - 4 -5 Studs)
F "THE WORLD!" (Currently Broken) Rainbow DTW yells "ZA WARUDO!" and stops time for ??? seconds.

Timestop length is unknown due to it being a currently broken move.

V Teleport Rainbow DTW will cause the user to teleport to where your cursor is for up to 10 - 15 studs range and has low cooldown.
G Pose The user sits down while Rainbow DTW stand behind him which causes a menacing effect and plays music
N Quotes The user of Rainbow DTW will say multiple different voice lines upon pressing n, these include:



"If I were playing a game of chess with trash like you, I would've had checkmate in you ages ago."


Z Stand Jump The user and Rainbow DTW jump up high into the air.


Combo Difficulty Gif Notes

Pros & Cons




  • Rainbow DTW's pose music is this.
  • Basically, Rainbow DTW is a remodeled and slightly recolored version of Basic DTW.
  • If you set your graphics to automatic or 8 or higher then RDTW will be glitchy so best to use 7 or lower.