insert generic FNF related spec:


Your ROBLOX avatar with a rainbow microphone in its hand

How to obtain

You get Rainbow Dancer from using Rainbow Microphone on Weird Hat Stand

Note: Rainbow Microphone is no longer obtainable and this stand is probably a C tier or B tier unobtainable(I'm not sure what tier it is)


old pose dance (now it does distraction dance)

LMB - 100 damage
E - Barrage that does 298.8 damage per hit
R - Heavy that does 436.7 damage
T - An impulse with 154 damage
Z - Fly around. Does 5 DMG if you collide with someone
G - Plays Thorns, week 6 from FNF whilst Rainbow Dancer beatboxes


new pose t.t

Pose Music


Destructive Power: S-

Speed: A

Durability: A-

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