A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

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Your ROBLOX avatar with a rainbow microphone in its hand. It can range from colors of pink, yellow, orange, gray and blue.

How to obtain

You get Rainbow Dancer from using Rainbow Microphone on Weird Hat Stand

Note: Rainbow Microphone is no longer obtainable and this stand is a B tier unobtainable.


old pose dance (now it does distraction dance)

LMB - 100 damage
E - Barrage that does 298.8 damage per hit
R - Heavy that does 436.7 damage
T - An impulse with 154 damage
Z - Fly around. Does 5 DMG if you collide with someone
G - Plays Thorns, week 6 from FNF whilst Rainbow Dancer beatboxes 


new pose t.t

Pose Music: Thorns FNF Week 6


Destructive Power: S-

Speed: A

Durability: A-