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:IMPORTANT: This stand is completely separate from, and not a rename of Rainbow Pot Platinum

How to obtain: Use a Rainbow Pan on Star Platinum(evolved)

Do not give any unobtainable items or stands for it. This is completely obtainable, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are a scammer.

Moves -

E - A barrage that does 233 damage per hit(234 for a critical).

R - A strong punch dealing 302 damage.

X - Rainbow Pan Platinum blocks, completely nullifying any damage, AOE excluded.

Y - Rainbow Pan Platinum punches the user quickly, healing 16+ HP per hit.

G - pose. (post music link here)

C - Rainbow Pot Platinum and the user role forward, dodging many attacks. This move is spammable.

Z - Rainbow Pot Platinum jumps into the air, and this move can be spammed, effectively allowing the user to "fly".