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"Taste the rainbow!" - RPP

How to Obtain

Star Platinum + Rainbow Orb = Rainbow Pot Platinum.

Rainbow Orb used to spawn every 1.13 hours with a 1/5% chance of spawning.

Status: Unobtainable


Rainbow Pot Platinum takes the appearance of Bootleg Pot Platinum, a Stand from the very well known Roblox game ABDM, but instead of having a Crying Emoji for it's face, it looks like Pot Platinum, TheGuestToBlame's exclusive Stand from the original ABD, with it's torso being a color changing brick.


E - Rainbow ORA! Barrage

RPP sends out a flurry of light speed rainbow punches. This move does 232-236 damage every hit.

R - Heavy ORA! Strike

RPP punches the enemy. This does 302 damage.

T - Reality Overwrite

RPP winds up it's fist and reality overwrites the enemy. This does 87.5 damage and bypasses block.

Y - Healing Barrage (Infinite)

RPP sends out a flurry of fast punches at the enemy, but instead of attacking whoever he is using the move on, he heals them. This heals 10-30 HP every hit.

B + Y - Self Healing Barrage (Infinite)

RPP heals the user, healing 27 HP every hit.

H - Ground Slam

RPP charges their fist, slamming the ground, doing 50 damage to any players nearby.

F - Time Stop (Broken)

RPP stops time for a few seconds, this is currently broken.


  • RPP, like a lot of the Unobtainable Stands, became obtainable for one day as an event once.
  • RPP's rarity tier is A. It have Decent Demand and good value.
  • RPP looks a lot like Bootleg Pot Platinum from the game ABDM, another Roblox game.