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The Rainbow Realm is a realm in A Bizarre Journey. It can be entered by clicking on the Rainbow Odd NPC, behind the Odd NPC. It is used to get items by destroying rainbow shards using the Rainbow Collecters. TheRainbow Collecters are items and their only use is to destroy rainbow shards. It's most important use is for getting the new Stand, New Rainbow Cosmic Luigi, which is obtained by using a Rainbow Cosmic Star on SP3.

Item Drops

Rare Drops

Rainbow Cosmic Star (5%)

Common Drops

Rainbow Gaster Blaster (25%), Cash, Nothing, and Rainbow Dio Crystal (45%) , and there a about a 2% chance to get rainbow shaggy.

GODLY DROPS (unobtainable)

Imposter head ( 1 %)

it was used for standless for Imposter (STAND)not spec