A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

E - Ora Barrage


Star Platinum Requiem does a barrage dealing 144.5 damage per hit. (168.9 critical)

R - Ora Punch

Star Platinum Requiem throws a punch dealing 176.9 damage.

Y - Ora Self Heal

Star Platinum Requiem heals you for 101.2 HP each hit.

C - Roll

Roll on a short distance but without cooldown.

Z - Stand Jump

Star Platinum Requiem does a stand jump with low height but without cooldown.

Pressing n to pose will not do anything since this stand has no quote

Like its predecessor, if you block all damage gets negated.

How to obtain fully: Use Arrows or Unbelievable Arrows until you get SP:SO then use Jotaro's Hat to turn it into SP. Then find the Cursed Arrow and turn your stand into Star Platinum Requiem. After all those steps then you need to find the Rainbow Shard and turn it into Rainbow Star Platinum Requiem and then you're done!