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Not to be confused with New Rainbow Cosmic Luigi

This stand is very similar the new version with ability's and appearance.

Rainbow cosmic Luigi cannot be traded

How do I get this stand?

Rainbow Cosmic Star on Star Platinum (Evolved).


RobloxScreenShot20210519 234420263 (2).png

Rainbow Cosmic Luigi is practically the same stand to new Rainbow Cosmic. It fades between rainbow colors and gives off black star particles.


E - Cosmical Barrage

Rainbow Cosmic Luigi sends out a flurry of fast and strong punches, doing either 65.9 damage per punch, or 71.9 damage per punch. There is a chance that Rainbow CL will also send out a few kicks at the enemy while holding E, which will do 81.9 damage per kick.

R - Rainbow Overwrite

Rainbow Cosmic Luigi sends out a fast punch that upon hitting your enemy, will do 102.7 damage.

F - Cosmical Vortex

Rainbow Cosmic Luigi will create a vortex that sucks up anyone nearby. This doesn't do too much damage, but is good against runners.

Y - Cosmic Donut

Rainbow Cosmic Luigi will teleport behind the enemy, and will then donut them, dealing 45 damage.

B + Y - Self Heal

Rainbow Cosmic Luigi will heal the user, giving them back around 45 health.

J - Luigi's Finisher

Rainbow Cosmic Luigi will grab the enemy, and will then proceed to beatdown them, dealing 15.6 damage per hit. This will end with a finisher, dealing 100 damage.

(Sidenote, this is bugged and when the attack ends your opponent will still be stuck floating infront of you.)