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Rainbow sans appears to be your roblox avatar with a color changing hooded jacket, color changing baggy pants, and a color changing shoes

How to obtain

Rainbow Bone + Delta Sans = Rainbow Sans


Moves Damage Cooldown
M1 - Gaster Blaster 129.7 0.4 Second
E - Barrage 99 - 103 3 Seconds
R - Soul Throw 179.7 3.5 Seconds
T - Bone Blast 145.7 per bone 3.5 Seconds
F - Master Gaster Blaster 179.7 Can use once
C - Teleport N/A 5 Seconds
Z - Gaster Blaster Surf N/A (Lasts for 5 seconds) 3.5 Seconds
G - Pose N/A (Will do the iconic pose) 1 Second
N - Quote N/A ("You're gonna have a really bad time." or "Hey kid, Listen . . . You gonna have a really bad time if you keep it up . . . . . . ." also, the typo in the second text is intentional, that's honestly what he says.) 1 Second


NOTE: This spec cannot be damaged from bosses so you can pretty much kill the boss easily with this bug