A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

How To Obtain:

Darkest Orb on Standless.

Stand/Spec appearance

Reaper takes the appearance of a Scythe (Similar to Jevil) but it's completely made out of glass material. It is also black.

A white circular aura surrounds you and the scythe making Reaper users quite noticeable and is obtainable.


Keybind Description GIF Cooldown
Click/LMB You swing your scythe dealing 76/79 damage. Can be hit 3 times and then the cooldown starts.

Click/LMB attack

E You swing your scythe dealing 106 damage twice and knockback.
R You dash forward with a scythe blow dealing 89 damage.
T You do a normal kick shooting anyone hit by it into the air dealing 116 damage twice.
F You fire a massive black ball dealing high damage multiple times.
G You pose. Theme - Underverse - Black apple

Pros & Cons

Reaper is very skill based and deals fairly good damage.

Reaper can do insane ragdoll combos which basically makes it op.

The F move has a broken op hit box.

Since your T move can hit people while you move it's very useful to either use for chip damage or combos.

The F move has a decent cooldown so you could spam this.

It has fairly low cooldowns.

You also get a higher than average walk speed. Combine that with your jump (spacebar) which is very spammable making it a easy get away tactic.


Reaper is skill based.

Sometimes people with op stands that have insane barrages can kill you before you use T.

Due to F having a broken hit box it can run into you at times and not deal any damage.

If you mess up your combo once you have to run and wait for cooldowns.