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Look like a bunny with yellow armor around it, it has 2 color eye and bunny's ears.Retro The Universe .jpg

How to Obtain

Retro Head + SP(evolved) = Retro Over The Universe

Full craft

- Arrow(???%)/Unbelievable Arrow(???%) + Standless = SPSO

- jotaro Hat + SPSO = SP

- Retro Head + SP = Retro Over The Universe



Passive 1: Universal Being: You can move in TS


Skill Image Usage How to Counter Note
E: Barrage Add here ROTU throw out a flurry of punch dealing 178.9 damage Run away, godly block N/A
R: Strong Punch Add here ROTU unleash a strong punch dealing 179.9 damage Run away, godly block N/A
Y: Self Heal Add here ROTU heal the user 101.1 HP every punches N/A Sometiime it will heal 505.5
X: Godly Block Add here ROTU go in front of the user and block, similar to Star Platinum/ Retro Star Platinum block from ABD. While blocking, all damage become 0 N/A Reality Overwrite and Ground Breaker can bypass this
C: Roll Add here The user roll N/A This is spammable
Z: Stand Leap Add here The user and ROTU leap N/A Even tho this is short leap yet spammable


  • This is Obtainable somewhere S or S+
  • This stand share same skill with SPR