The ultimate stand. If this wasn't strongest, it is over the universe.

This stand is NOT Unobtainable so stop saying IT IS because it IS NOT.

to get it wait for Retro Head to spawn and use it on Evolved Star Platinum to get Retro Over The Universe

If you have this you should be proud.

Retro over the universe is a very strong stand. It also has a pretty good value.


Destructive power: SSS-




Shift lock: With the ability to use shift lock in game and your speed and strength, you're practically unkillable when guard is up.


E:Super barrage | A superhuman strength and speedy barrage. Does 174.9 damage each hit. It has a 3 second cooldown.

R: Super Punch | A godly strong punch doing 179.9 damage on contact. It has a 1.3 second cooldown.

Y:Heal | heals 103.5 per hit. 6 seconds cooldown

Z: Stand jump | A short stand jump, and it's spammable.

C: Roll | A short roll, and it's spammable.

X: Block | A unbreakable block, instead reducing damage, it reverts it to 0.

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Note: it can be one of the best stands in game if you are good at using it.

the only thing that can kill retro through block is jevil r and megumin EXPLOSION

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