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Revolver is a item that can shoot The damage of the bullet is high, you just need 4 shoot too kill player or bosses (recommended for farm item from boss) Btw this item is good when combined with any sans or with stand that block damage be just 0,How to get revolver is from event name steel ball run, In my opinion this item is SS+ tier

Revolver picture.jpg

This item can't be combined with any stand

Btw the damage of this item is

same as star platinum over heaven

that you just need 4 shot use the v move

how to get star platinum over heaven is

Use unbelieveble arrow for more more chance to get

star platinum after you get star platinum use dio diary and you get the star platinum over heaven

star platinum oh is the cheap way for kill boss ( if you don't have revolver just use star plat oh )

how to easily kill all boss is use v move and reset repeat this 4 times and the boss died

however revolver is friend of star platinum oh

This is how star plat oh for fight boss


I dont have the video for revolver sorry :(