A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

Some of the most crucial things to keeping this wiki safe is that you follow the rules!

Remember, this is a community for chatting, not chaos!

If you or anyone else violate any rules there would be PROPER punishment

Division 1 rules

Number 1-Minor Toxicity (This will come with a warning then a 3 day block)

Number 2-Insulting anybody on wiki(5-10 day block)

Number 3-Try not to post in the wrong category, it could lead to a warning.

Number 4- Do not add your name to pages (to claim ownership, post trades, etc.) You will be warned once, violating the rule again will result in a 1 week to 1 month block.

Division 2 Rules

Number 1-Toxicity (1-5 day ban)

Number 2-Scamming(2 weeks-Inf ban)

Number 3-Ignoring warnings(1-2 week ban)

Number 4-Insulting Staff(Warning then 1 month ban)

Number 5-Slurs (2 month ban. non appealable.)

Number 6-Toxicity (2 week ban. non appealable.)

Number 7-Nsfw (3 day to 2 month ban. appealable.)

Number 8-Griefing (1 week to inf ban)

Division 3 rules

Number 1-Leaking ip or name (p ban (unless given permission by the person who you are leaking))

Number 2-Abusing Rank (demotion and maybe ban)

Number 3-Minnit ban = wiki ban

Number 4-Wiki ban = minnit ban

Sub-division rules (Ranks)

Number 1-Demotion will be a warning.

Number 2-If proven trusted after warning, you get it back

Number 3-If proven trusted after warning, but not ready yet, 1 rank down.

Number 4-If action was pretty bad: perm demotion until applications. can only get rank back if accepted.

Number 5-If really bad action: perm demotion.

Also follow normal rules!!!