Unobtainable B+ tier (It's not an S tier. It is confirmed as a B+ on the official trading discord.)


  1. Bypasses time stop
  2. Tiny increased speed

3. When stand is not equipped your body will glow and when you summon the stand, the glow will go to the stand.

Admin Stand


Shaggy Aura.jpeg.png

Click - 30 damage.

E - Barrage - 257.9 - 287.9 per hit

R - Strong Punch - 356.7 damage

Y - Self-Heal - 16 per hit.

G - Pose (plays must listen to this)) it rickroll

C - Roll (No Cooldown)

Z - Stand Jump (No Cooldown, Small Distance, allows you to fly like Star Platinum Requiem)

X - A block that negates all damage. (except true damage)

N - No quotes.

Q - Stand Summon

How to get:

Use arrow until you get Star Platinum Stone Ocean (Or use a unbelievable to spike up your chances)

Use Jotaro hat on Star Platinum Stone Ocean

Star Platinum + Shaggy Item = Shaggy Stand


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