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About & Info

This spec is based off of Chara Dreemur a supporting character in the Undertale AU StoryShift!, who takes the role of Sans.


The spec appears as a rainbow bandana around the players avatar neck, and accompanies the Chara Blade held in the hand.

Move-set [1]

LMB - A slash which deals medium-knockback, and 248.5 damage.

E - A red pillar appears dealing 348 dmg and launches the target 10 studs in the air. (ignores blocks, including those such as Retro The Universe)

V - teleports a short-distance to where the mouse is, 6 second cooldown between each use (no cooldown in 2nd/3rd phase).

Z - dashes forward a medium-distance (no cooldown in 2nd/3rd phase).

C - A regular forward roll.

G - Pose (phase 3 plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGb1Iz-elQw&ab_channel=IGBTeam))

X - blocks damage 80% of the damage from hits.

How to Obtain

Chara Blade + Standless = SS Chara


You have 2 lives, you begin with 500 HP and when revived, spawn in 200 that depletes overtime.

When you are killed a short animation will play of a pixelated heart breaking (Similar to how you die in Undertale) but the first time your heart dies, it will reform and your avatar will reform due to Determination.

The 2nd phase only buffs movement moves such as dash and teleport. Your HP decreases overtime steadily.


The pixelated heart animation