a phase 2 ss chara

LMB - deals 245.8 dmg (less or more, do not know)

Q - Activates the E move, pressing Q again makes it deactive

E - deals 348 dmg

V - teleports a small distance, not spammable (unless you are in the 2nd stage)

Z - dashes forward

C - rolls forward

G - pose (phase 3 plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGb1Iz-elQw&ab_channel=IGBTeam)

X - blocks damage 80

You have 2 lives, also 500 or 200 health.

The second phase has no buffs it's just a second life and your hp slowly decrease so it's like you have a limited time to fight

-edited by Logangmod1, enjoy, btw i fixed this for you guys, tell me if i got anything wrong, ty to the original owner too, you helped a lot

Spawn rate - 1 hour and 32 minutes

item- Chara blade

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