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a phase 2 ss chara

LMB - deals 245.8 dmg (less or more, do not know)

Q - Activates the E move, pressing Q again makes it deactive not allowing you to use it

E - deals 348 dmg and launches for opponent a few feet into the air

V - teleports a small distance, not spammable (unless you are in the 2nd phase)

Z - dashes forward (spammable in 2nd phase)

C - rolls forward

G - pose (phase 3 plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGb1Iz-elQw&ab_channel=IGBTeam))

X - blocks damage 80

You have 2 lives, also 500 or 200 health.

When you are killed a short animation will play of a pixelated heart breaking (like if you die in undertale) but this time your heat will reform and glow beefing up moves and changing pose music

The second phase has only buffs movement moves such as dash and teleport and your hp decreases overtime which is understandable for a 2nd life

-edited by Logangmod1 and some random dude on the internet with too much time, enjoy, btw i fixed this for you guys, tell me if i got anything wrong, ty to the original owner too, you helped a lot

Chara Blade Item Spawn rate - 1 hour and 32 minutes


item- Chara Blade