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Red Samurai spec/ Samurai Spec

Red Sword with a red and grey handle

Effects: Katana on waist.

its Obtainable Now Hooray

Obtainable as of 7/10/2021

How to obtain

Samurai Spec can be obtained by buying it in the shop.

Can be bought from the shop with 13500 dollars(in game cash)


It launches a projectile that deals 30 damage
Launches the user forward

Cooldown: about 3 seconds

The User attacks target with sword and deals 145.8 damage
Creates a green circle for 4 seconds and during the 4 seconds some attacks get their damaged divided by 10
Creates after images of

Yourself and if they attack

your clown it counts as a


Launches the user at the

target and deals 157.8 damage

Facts about Red samurai

  • Before it was obtainable if you tried to buy sword from the shop you wouldn't be able to move.
  • If you don't tell someone about how to get red samurai they could offer things that are much higher than what it is worth
  • The "spec" uses a katana and as of 7/11/2021 there is an item called red katana. You still are able to buy it from the shop.
  • If you go into a public server and press t or f the clones of yourself are spaced out A LOT but, if you are in a private server where it has less lag they are much closer to each other.

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