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"You're gonna have a bad time. . ." - Sans (Sansu, サンセ)


Sans appears to be your Roblox avatar with a hooded blue jacket, black baggy pants, pink shoes, and a blue and yellow glowing eye.

How to obtain

Obtainable by using Bone on Standless


Moves Damage
M1 - Gaster Blaster 30 Damage per hit
E - Bones Shoot 60.5 - 70.5 per hit
R - Soul Manipulation 21.4
T - Bone Blast 55 per bone (im not sure)
C - Teleport N/A
Z - Gaster Blaster Surf N/A (i think it lasts for 5 seconds)
G - Pose N/A (Will do the iconic pose)


  • This spec is a reference to the character Sans from the indie game Undertale.