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Santa Event:

Appearance: Santa Claus free model in a light red sleigh (nvm its actually just a red painted car) with no reindeer for some reason

Music: plays some drip remix of jingle bells instrumental song

Drops: All "unob" items such as Yone Mask, Purple Bomb, Zero Two Diamond, Fireball, Forgotten Gem, Pickaxe, Devil's Cape and a rare un ob item (now ob) Christmas Light that gives Made on Christmas (former unob stand)

Status: Probably will be there until Christmas Day (Dec 25) and then vanish like the Celeb Meteor event

Movement: The server will send a notice in dark red in the chat saying "Santa has come to give a gift", then you will hear the music playing and Santa in the sleigh will fly across the map, dropping one blue gift at the end of the map and then vanishing into the ground

Santa spawned notice.webp

Santa Gift Box.webp

Santa in Sleigh.webp