ok so before everybody gets mad at me, this page is to write a scammers name down and what the deal was, so then we can report such scammer, since they scammed you.

When we get enough names, we strike back.

avalashin (Scammed my Herobrine)

Sderiphantom (Scammed my Smug Hat)

oOxBlackMoonxOo(scammed my imposter spec)

Dont remember full user but starts off with Maxx_ (scammed my luigi)

https://web.roblox.com/users/1368789924/profile scammed my fire the world

diego2287 scam mi imposter spec

Abawngo scammed my imposter spec Me (scammed sprite,rainbow sans,rainbow dancer)my user name has Justa_ at the front

noobking123456d scammed somebodys luigi

hamgta132 scammed my thanos >:( someone could get him banned?

alexdistrocer2009 scammed my camera :(

kurlyhairkobe scammed, i wasn't scammed but someone else got scammed

zxamp gave me glitch and i had the hand!!! :(

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