"DIO...You aren't watching me?...Are you?" - Shadow Jotaro

It is an S+ obtainable

  1. LMB: Shadow jab (The shadow jab damage is 11.5)
       E: Shadowcut: (Deals 268.9 damage to the opponent) 
         R: Shadow Combo: (Hits the opponent 3 times dealing 240.8 - 302.1 damage)
         G: Pose
         Y: Flesh Buds (Makes flesh buds out of your shoulder and hits the opponent)
         F: Time stop: (5 seconds) -BROKEN- 
         B: Bloodsucking: (This skill can suck the player's HP, and heal you for a small amount)
         V: Time Stop Teleport:(The user stops time very briefly, and teleports you to the location of your cursor. There is a limit though)

How To Obtain:

Standless + Camera = STW (Shadow The World)

STW + Shadow Gem = SJSP (Shadow Jotaro's Star Platnium)

-Camera will spawn every 1 hour 49 minutes hours with 1/4 chance.

-Shadow Gem will spawn every 1 hour and 23 minutes with 1/4 chance.

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