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Shadow The World Requim.png

How to obtain:

Shadow The World Requiem is obtainable using Requiem Orb on The World (Normal)


Click - Punch

STWR punches and deals 10 damage.

E - Barrage

While holding E, STWR will do a barrage dealing 89-90 damage. This barrage lasts for 5 seconds. It sometimes does not damage despite barraging.

R - Heavy Punch

STWR does a heavy punch dealing 112 damage to the opponent and ragdolls them.

V - Time Skip

While using Time Skip the user will teleport wherever his or her cursor is. Distance is around 15 to 20 studs. This move has a 3 second cooldown.

F - Time Stop

The user and STWR jumps in the air, and stops time. (broken)

G - Pose

The user and STWR pose whilst "Bloody Stream (JoRo Remix)" plays.


  • Filth.
  • If I were playing a game of chess with trash like you, I would've had you in checkmate ages ago.


The quotes used by Shadow The World Requiem is similar to The World.