A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

"CLICK" deal 345-365 damage depends on enemy, is a range attack so is good for pvp, throws a purple flame that has a chance of throwing one more or two and there is a small chance that it throws five or six, keybind left click

"BARRAGE" deal 245-255 damage depends on enemy, good for pvp and so hard to be dodged, keybind E

"POSE" oh shit blue zenith music 727 when you see it haha funny no pose, keybind G

"TELEPORT" teleports you where your character is facing, bad range sadly but good for pvp, keybind V

"GLIDE" deal 10 damage, is like the superman fly but u cant go up and down, good for escaping, keybind Z

"SECRET KEYBIND" N plays some good music so you can have the pose music and walk at the same time.

Shattered Dimension Stand