How to obtain

Shattered Dimension Stand with a guy

Use Shattered Flame on The World to obtain Shattered Dimension Stand


It seems to be a purple and black abomination of One More Time with flames all around with a halo + wings(doesn't have zenith wings anymore)

Moveset (Base on discord)

E- Normal barrage dealing 234 damage per hit and hitting at a very good speed. (CHANGED HIT EFFECTS)

Click- Throws an arrow dealing tons of damage.

Y: Donut ( Teleports to a player and doing 50 damage)

G- Not a pose but automatically starts playing music from your stand, if you click G again it will re-start.

C- Roll.

V- Black Hole teleport. (Allows you to teleport on the map.)

Z- Glide (Allows you to glide in the air for a little bit of time. Bumping into people does 5 damage.)

X- Scattered Block (Allows you to block a lot of damage from your opponent.)

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