A Bizarre Journey Roblox Wiki

Full Craft

Arrows + LMB = C-Moon

C-moon + Purple Crown = She-Moon


This appears as a C-Moon recolor that is mainly jet-black with indigo accents for the shorts, shoes (potentially?), chest plate, crown, forearm, wrist, and hand guards. It features the Super Super Happy Face.


E: A generic barrage that does 234 (321 on crit). Cooldown is 5 secs, lasts for 12.

R: A strong punch that does 346.5 1.5 seconds of build up, 5 seconds cooldown.

F: A ground-slam with no animation that does 75, and makes your opponent jump in the air by 2 meters. CD: 5 seconds

H: A 15 second boost in jumping-power and speed. cooldown is every 15 seconds.

G: C-Moon does STW's pose and plays "A Cruel Angel's Thesis (EuroBeats)"[1]