Full Name: Shiny Silver Chariot Requiem

U can call SCR or Shiny Chariot Req, whatever.

what is a shiny chariot req? = evolution of silver chariot requiem ( is not in the anime )

Now lets start,

How To -

Standless + Arrow = Silver Chariot ( little rare )

Silver Chariot Requiem + Chariot Requiem Arrow = Silver Chariot Requiem

Silver Chariot Requiem + White Requiem Arrow = Shiny Silver Chariot Req.

MoveSet -

E - Barrage - Damage = 50

R - Strong Punch? - Damage = 45

T - Does Nothing, but has a cool animation lol

V - Stun = Stuns your enemy.

F = Special = Does 70 Damage

Shiny Chariot ReQ

I actually dont know so much of moveset, if you have shiny chariot req pls, insert some moves details, i just put the damage and no details of the move cuz i dont have it.

Made By: Reddynhow

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